Friday, March 21, 2008

Subway Series

So there is some exciting news floating around the office today. The Vignelli Family, creators of the original NY subway map, are up to their old tricks again. They have crafted a new map which bears a lot of resemblance to one I posted before, the Kick Map which was discussed in the NY times a year ago. I think I have found the perfect subject for a piece. Comparisons of these three maps really draws out what can be achieved and obscured (intentionally or otherwise) by a cartographer. Speaking with the Vignelli's also cross pollinates for me, as they had a hand in designing the signage in the subway, which is one of the big interests of my profile subject, a totally unplanned coincidence! Below is a side by side comparison of the original, the kick map, and the new Vignelli.

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